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    1426  The Minority Council. The Duke of Bedford in England. The Duke of Gloucester and the Council. Parliament of Bats. The Duke of Gloucester and Henry Beaufort. The Duke of Bedford as Protector. King Henry knighted. Parliament and Taxation. Scotland. Ireland. Wales. Gascony. French Prisoners. The Duke of Bedford, the Duke of Burgundy […]


      The Minority Council. Scotland.  The Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Burgundy. Gloucester’s Return. Parliament. Taxation The Duke of Gloucester and Henry Beaufort. FRANCE: An Army for France. The Siege of Le Mans. Campaign in Champagne. The Duke of Bedford Leaves France. Bibliography.         The Duke of Gloucester abandoned […]


    1424 The Minority Council. Sir John Mortimer hanged. Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March John Holand, Earl of Huntingdon. Henry Beaufort, Chancellor of England. The Council and the Papacy. Administration. Judiciary. Exchequer Henry VI’s Household.  Henry V’s debts.  French Prisoners. English Prisoners Scotland. Aragon. The War in France.  Le Crotoy. Guise. The Siege of […]


      1423   The Minority Council. The Royal Household. Administration. The Exchequer. The Judiciary. The Council as Judges. Wales. The King’s Lieutenant in Ireland. Scotland. Wardens of the March. French Prisoners. Henry VI Debts. Council and the Church. Council and the Papacy. General Council at Pavia. Foreign Relations. London. The Hanseatic League. Calais. The […]