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The Council Council meetings for 1438, the first year of Henry VI’s personal reign, are chaotic. The minutes for meetings from mid-May to October are missing. King Henry VI The Council reprimanded King Henry for his irresponsible generosity. The Magnates The Westmorland Inheritance. Lord Hungerford. The Duke of Gloucester, The Duke of Bedford.  The Duke […]


Last Minority Council The Minority Council continued to function, with King Henry attending some of the meetings, until a Great Council met in October and Henry’s personal rule began in November. Lawlessness Riots in Norwich and a feud between Lord Grey and Lord Fanhope led to disturbances in Bedfordshire. The Council summoned those involved to […]


Minority Council. King Henry VI. The Council and the Papacy. The Bishops: Four Deaths The Duchy of Gascony An Army for Normandy The War in France The Duke of Burgundy The Fall of Paris The Duke of York. The Earl of Mortain. The Earl of Somerset The Duke of Burgundy’s preparations.  The siege of Calais. […]


Minority Council. The Council and the Church The War in France: Finances. The War in France: Campaigns. The Death of the Earl of Arundel.   Gascony. Scotland. Trade Relations. General Council of the Church at Basel. The Congress of Arras. Death of the Duke of Bedford. The War in France after Arras.  Parliament.   Battle of […]


Minority Council, January – June. Royal Household. Queen Katherine. Death of the Duke of Bourbon. The Duke of Bedford and the Duke of Gloucester. The Duke of Bedford’s Requirements. Cardinal Beaufort. The Duke of Bedford’s Departure. The Duke of Brittany. The Duke of Orleans. Sir Thomas Rempston’s Ransom. Minority Council, July to December. King Henry. […]


An Eclipse. The Minority Council.    Scotland. The Duchy of Gascony. Foreign Relations General Council of the Church at Basel. The War in France.  Peace talks. The Duke of Bedford and Jacquetta of Luxembourg. Mutiny at Calais.  A Council at Calais. Hugh de Lannoy, Burgundian Ambassador. The Duke of Orleans. Parliament. The Duke of Bedford […]


The Minority Council. The Council and the Church. The Council and the Magnates.  Scottish Hostages. King Henry’s Return to England. The Duke of Gloucester, the Council, and the Household. Parliament. A Blazing Star. Cardinal Beaufort. A Prospect of Peace. Peace Talks Resumed. The General Council at Basel.  The Duke of Brittany.  Foreign Relations. The Duke […]


Minority Council The Proceedings record twenty-eight council meetings in 1431 while King Henry was in France. William Phelip. Duchy of Lancaster. The Magnates Duke of Gloucester. Duchess of York. Duke of York. Eleanor Moleyns. Lord Roos. Pope Martin V Cardinal Oddone Colonna became Pope Martin V in 1417. He died on 20 February  1431. The […]


The Minority Council. London. Scotland. Ireland. A Peace Conference? Cardinal Beaufort and the Duke of Burgundy. The Duke of Bourbon. Paris. Taxation. Coronation Expedition Costs. Council at Canterbury. King Henry’s Coronation Expedition. King Henry in France. Campaigns of 1430. The Duke of Burgundy. The Council in England. Foreign Relations. Bibliography. Henry VI crossed to France […]


The Minority Council Judicial appointments. Grants: Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury. John, Bastard of Clarenc. William Bruges, Garter King of Arms. Food Scarcity The start of the scarcity of food that would escalate throughout the 1430s was noted in the chronicles as beginning in 1429. Lawlessness In London a wealthy widow was murdered by a […]